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Thursday, January 5, 2012

For Sea, Panji Trihatmodjo spend money to Rp 30 billion

Demi Laut, Panji Trihatmodjo Keluarkan Rp30 MilyarTurns out Panji Trihatmodjo has a greates love with our Indonesian environment, this is proved by Panji in earnest by planting coral reefs in Bali sea. This is done by Panji because he didn't want the coast of Indonesia [who had a beautiful coast in famous] was damaged caused by people who are not responsible. "Coral reef grown in Pecatu more about 100 meters in approximately 300 meters long the beach. I love environment and beach. It's still about 21 weeks of study and has entered into a five-week, starting from the currents, wind and the weather. I love beach since childhood. If the waves were calm has begun to the construction for two months," Panji said, when found in offices in the region Pejaten, Sunday Market, South Jakarta on Saturday (31/12) night. Panji admitted that his efforts was requires a lot of cost. Because the technology in used is also not a mock of technology. If in the calculation, the cost could reach Rp30 billion

The investment are sizeable to bring the technology. I've got a team to handle it. He hope next time the government in Indonesia can do it all. It costs 2-3 million dollars or 20 to 30 billion, "he added. (MPA / dis / ris)

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